Students switch on to going green

Students at the University of Sheffield have been finding out that going green is as easy as flicking a switch!

The department of Accommodation and Commercial Services (ACS) at the University of Sheffield hosted an event this month to help students living in University accommodation to be more environmentally friendly.  Students were encouraged to look at their own habits and see how a few small changes to their lifestyle could have a positive effect on the environment.

Hosted in The Endcliffe Village, the event inspired students to think about energy and the environment and remind them that simple changes like travelling by bike instead of jumping in the car, or not leaving appliances on standby can have a real impact.

Andy Woffindin, Energy and Environment Coordinator for ACS  at the University of Sheffield said: “It is amazing how small changes really can make a difference. I started walking to work a couple of times a week rather than using public transport and was surprised just how easy it was. Not only does it save me money, it makes a positive difference to my carbon footprint.

“The event isn’t designed to preach to students but rather to make them think more about what they do day to day and how small things really can make a huge environmental difference.”

A host of stands and exhibitors were on hand to remind students of the many initiatives already taking place in University accommodation and to encourage new ways of being more energy aware and environmentally friendly.

The team who organise ‘Bring it, don’t bin it’ were there to offer details about their bi-annual event which helps students donate their unwanted items to a good cause after they’ve moved out. Last year over 4 tonnes of items were donated by students moving out of their accommodation and given to local charities.

The event also featured a cycle sale where reconditioned bikes were available for residents to buy at a discounted price of just £30. Hundreds of students queued for hours in the sunshine for the chance to bag one of the bikes.

The University have recently partnered with City Car Club which enables students to hire a car as and when they need one rather than bringing a car with them to University. They brought along their Fiat 500 to the event too.

The University’s eatwithUS team, who manage the catering outlets across campus were also on hand to stress the importance of using locally and ethically sourced produce – as well as providing some tasty local and Fairtrade freebies!

Lucy Finnigan, a first year student at Sheffield University said: “I am terrible for leaving my stereo and TV on standby when I go out, or leaving the lights switched on. I do realise that it’s really important to think about my habits and what I can do to make a difference. A few small changes will help the environment, so events like this one are very important.”

Last year energy consumption in University of Sheffield accommodation was reduced by 3.5% compared to previous years. This prevented 30 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere and is equivalent to the energy needed to:

  • Power an energy saving light bulb for 411 years
  • Make 1,700,000 cups of tea
  • Fly from London to Manchester 648 times!

Andy Woffindin added: “I think the figures speak for themselves. Last year the students prevented 30 tonnes of C02 from entering the atmosphere. I hope this year we can save even more.”


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