University of Sheffield completes project to fund fresh water well in India

The University of Sheffield’s first clean drinking water bore-well has been completed, providing 1070 people in Andhra Pradesh, India with immediate access to safe, clean drinking water.

Life Water, sold in all the University of Sheffield’s café and restaurant outlets across campus and the residences, is a life-changing charity, providing clean drinking water to communities that desperately need it. For every bottle of water sold, funds are raised towards the construction of new freshwater wells in India.

The construction of the new well was completed in August 2016 and provides 1070 people with a safe, sustainable and long-lasting source of clean drinking water.

Mr. Ramasubbaiah, a community member explains the life-changing benefits, “Now the water is good. It is more than enough, even in summer. We need not suffer for the water going dry. As there is a continuous power cut, the tap water supply was scare. Now that is not a problem. I appreciate those who helped our community.”

The University of Sheffield has worked with Life Water to sell their bottled water for 6 years which led to the University being assigned its very own Life Water drop4drop clean drinking water project. Peter Anstess, Retail Manager for Accommodation and Commercial Services (ACS) at the University explains,

“It is absolutely our intention to maintain the progress of opening wells and developing freshwater projects.  The sales of Life Water are as strong as ever and the great news that has come from the purchases only confirms that this is a fantastic way to provide a product that the customer desires whilst providing benefit to others.”

More than 1 billion people around the world are unable to access safe, clean drinking water, and over 2.5 billion do not have adequate sanitation.


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