College Pines raises money for local cancer charity

College Pines goes a fair way to raise money for Aurora Wellbeing Centre

Members of College Pines Golf Club had a fantastic year on the fairways raising money for The Aurora Wellbeing Centre in Worksop.

Club Captain John Dykes and Club Treasurer, Alan Stray chose Aurora Centre Worksop as the Golf Clubs Charity of the Year after hearing about the help and support Aurora has given to local people living with a cancer diagnosis.

The club held various fundraising activities throughout 2017 and this month they presented Aurora with a grand total of £1928.16 of money raised.

Debra Fores, general manager of Aurora Wellbeing Centre explained how the much-needed donation would be spent,

“Aurora Centre offers a wide range of support and therapies to help boost the self-esteem and confidence of people undergoing and recovering from treatments related to cancer. These include advice on skin care, hair loss, professional beauty treatments, mindfulness and well-being sessions, to mention just a few of our hugely valued services.

“I would like to thank John and Alan and the members of College Pines Golf Club for this very generous donation. It is the continued fundraising efforts of local organisations that make such a difference. It allows us to provide a free support package to people in Bassetlaw with a cancer diagnosis.”

College Pines Golf Club said,

“Everyone at the club agrees it’s really important to support a local charity and this is our way of giving something back. We are proud to have raised so much and we hope it makes a difference to people in Bassetlaw, including the family and friends of those living with a cancer diagnosis.”

The Aurora Wellbeing Centre is open from 9 am – 4.30 pm Monday – Friday, and anyone who would like more information about any of the services offered should contact on 01909 470985.

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