Marketing, PR and Event Management...with a little bit of magic Marketing, PR and Event Management...with a little bit of magic

Ruby Slippers is the work of marketing consultant Nichola Rumboll.

Nichola helps businesses enhance their marketing communications activity and talk to their customers in a meaningful way. She’s been doing this since 2008.

Her passion is helping businesses implement intelligent marketing solutions. This includes beautifully designed brands, marketing literature (across print, online, and advertising), well managed events, and PR and media relations support.


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Does your business need extra marketing support?

Nichola works with a handpicked team of experienced and creative individuals brought in when needed. Ruby Slippers has built up a track record of delivering high quality work.

She is an experienced marketing professional with an MSc in Marketing Management from Sheffield Hallam University and over 15 years on the ground experience working for a range of high profile organisations, including media, education and retail giants.


Based on the border of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

Being close to a number of UK cities,  it means customers come from across the UK, but Nichola only works with a handful of like-minded clients at any one time. 

Projects can be a one-off or longer term, but we'll work that out at the start and can be flexible along the way. So if you’re looking for new way to deliver your marketing or PR needs then we can definitely help.

Oh and we are also down to earth and honest, what you might call 'a good egg'.