Marketing, PR and Event Management...with a little bit of magic Marketing, PR and Event Management...with a little bit of magic

We work with all sorts of businesses to deliver additional marketing and communications support.

Businesses don't always have an in-house marketing or PR function, so we work with them to deliver specialist support. We also work with overstretched teams to manage bespoke projects, working as an active part of your team. 

Creative talent

Ruby Slippers is the work of marketing communications professional Nichola Rumboll. 

With over 15 years on the ground experience working for a range of high profile organisations, including media, education, and retail giants. And top it off Nichola has got an MSc in Marketing Management.

"I work with a team of creative individuals including designers, copywriters, thinkers, and developers

"We're friendly. If you are wondering what to expect, then rest assured that you won’t encounter anyone that should be in an episode of Absolutely Fabulous. 

"What you will find though, is an honest opinion and a bunch of hard-workers."

Nichola Rumboll image

Clients from across the UK

We're based on the border of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire and we work with like-minded clients. 

Using the skills of a handpicked team of experienced and creative professionals, Ruby Slippers has built up a track record of delivering high-quality work.


Coming up with the magic...

Ok, so it may take a bit more than some magic beans to grow something special. But, getting our hands dirty and cultivating campaigns to make a brand blossom, is what we do best.

Our clever content drives online and offline communications campaigns. We create beautifully designed brands. And we deliver fabulous events. But that's not all...

Here at Ruby Slippers, we thrive on growing fresh ideas to deliver creative and integrated campaigns. We implement intelligent solutions, bringing together lots of specialist areas.